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The Trestle

They walked down the tracks, heading over to the trestle to walk across  – the view down from the trestle was spectacular, and the thrill of being out there, suspended in space was indescribable.  Pop (my grandfather) had worked on a crew that built trestles and Uncle Boykin worked for […]

Not a Raccoon Hunt

The stories that Daddy told are many, but this one my mama used to tell about Daddy – he’s not very proud of this one adventure I think. The men went out coon hunting one night. Their wives were at Grandma’s house keeping each other company, working jigsaw puzzles or […]

Burning Down the House

Jewel purely hated south Georgia.  They moved there for Hood’s new job with AB&A Railroad. Her infant daughter Mary Belle (Sister Baby) had died two years earlier, and Jewel was pregnant again when they got to Fitzgerald. But after a while in that hot, dusty and brown flat land, Jewel wanted […]

Sister Baby

Sister baby got sick and died that year.  She was the sweetest thing, born after Buddy but before me.  She died a couple of years before I was born, but I know what I’ve been told…. She must have been 3 years old when she got the dysentery.  Us boys […]

Fishing Without a Pole

Fishing with Devil’s shoestring is a trick I never heard about until recently.  In south Georgia, there is a plant – a weed called the Devil’s shoestring.  Apparently young boys knew that the easiest way to catch fish is to take devil’s shoestring and smash it up with a rock, […]


Daddy, Uncle Mack, cousin Billy and Billy’s son Seth got arrested one time.   I’ll have to guess, but it was probably in the late ‘90s – but I’ll have to rely on others to give the dates. Seth was a kid, the rest of them not so much kids. Let […]

About the Stories

I started a site called “Tales my Daddy Tells” in 2014, intending to collect my Dad’s stories before his increasing dementia took them (and him) away.  I have shared it with friends and family, and my Dad liked it.  It made him happy. On June 30, 2016 – one day […]

Starry, Starry Night

The favored sport of the Bulloch men was always raccoon hunting. Though the family didn’t eat raccoon, (“coon” for short), there were always people they could give them to. Coon hunting seems to be a poor man’s fox hunt for them – it is hunting for the sport of it, […]

Flying Squirrels and Roman Candles

The “President’s Farm” was property near Pine Mountain, GA that was owned by Franklin Roosevelt, both before and after he was elected.  He got it with the purchase of Warm Springs, the polio rehab center near Bullochville, GA which he utilized, then bought.    By all accounts, Mr. Roosevelt was […]