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I started a site called “Tales my Daddy Tells” in 2014, intending to collect my Dad’s stories before his increasing dementia took them (and him) away.  I have shared it with friends and family, and my Dad liked it.  It made him happy.

On June 30, 2016 – one day after Mom and Dad’s 70th anniversary, Daddy went to sleep and woke up in some other place, likely with many or all of the characters in these stories.  I’d like to think that he and his brothers are arguing over who told each story the best and I’m quite sure they’re all talking about how wrong I’ve got them.

I’m just now getting back to a little normalcy after helping with Dad nearly full time for a year, and helping Mom at the end of her life.  I hope to get more stories published.  As you read them, know that they are stories, works of fiction, told and re-told, re-remembered and sometimes filtered through a child’s memory or an old guy with dementia’s flickering light.

At least one of the stories is written by someone else.  It tells a possibly fanciful tale of Daddy’s last months.

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