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“As long as I have a biscuit, you have half a biscuit.”

Daddy told that his father said these words at a time when he showed up to visit, with a wife and three small children, having just been fired from a good job in a town hours away from “the home place”. Pop (Grandpa) told Ben, “You go get that little family of yours and bring them here to this house that we built for Janie a while back. You can get another job soon enough. Until then, as long as I have a biscuit, you have half a biscuit.”

There were a couple of times in my life when I ran short on money, or expressed a wish to walk away from the corporate world. I heard these same words, usually with my Daddy’s arm around my shoulder. I’m sure my brothers heard those same words. The words were usually followed by Daddy or Mama reaching for a checkbook to keep us afloat. But if it ever came down to that biscuit, I never had a doubt that half of it would have been offered.

My plan for this site is to gather things that I’ve published on random free blog sites over the years, and add to them with new or unpublished material.

It’s cheaper than therapy…..

© 2019 Susan Bulloch

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