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History in the Making

Were you ever forced to read the first book of the Old Testament of the Bible?  The one with all the ‘begats’?  What’s up with the genealogy list of a bunch of people who lived 5000 years ago, who died leaving no notable mark?  I never understood it until much […]


  The last time we talked in person was on your 70th wedding anniversary.  Mama had bronchitis on top of the leukemia, but we wanted to see you, if only for a short visit.  Your physical rehab was going well enough that they had talked of sending you home earlier in the week, […]

Keeping a Promise

Aunt Mary died right before Thanksgiving in 2005 in a small town in west Georgia. Her funeral was held over the holiday weekend because everyone was available.  Like most of rural America, if you are to be cremated, your body is sent to a larger town, and ashes are returned later […]

The last fireworks contest

We always brought the fireworks when we visited from North Carolina. We drove through South Carolina, so we could stop on the way to Georgia and buy lots of legal fireworks with fantastic colors, big noises, red-hot sparklers, roman candles, bottle rockets – everything Daddy was willing to buy. Our […]

Pigs and Sausage

October/November was for hog killing – but only if it was cold enough.  See, in the days before meat lockers, it had to be cold enough outside the pig to kill the parasites that naturally grow in the muscle, so that when the pig was slaughtered, the meat was safe […]

Breakfast with Grandma

Grandma made biscuits – little tiny ones – she’d grab the flour from the flour bin, the lard and roll them up, pulling them off into tiny blobs.  When she put them side by side on the tray, she’d tap each one with the knuckle of her forefinger, marking it […]