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In 2014, I created a blog to gather my Dad’s stories before his memory (and he) faded. This is what I wrote about the stories then. My project was a success, because Daddy and Mama got see the stories online (and printed) before they died in 2016 and 2017. As Daddy’s memory faded with dementia, these words became his memories – even the parts that I know I made up. I will put this here for anyone who may need to see it. Write the things NOW. Especially if your parents are still around. You won’t regret it.

Original Post: My Daddy is known for telling stories.  Everyone who knows him will tell you and you’ve all heard some of them.  They are both interesting and after the 20th time, tiresome, but mostly what they are is inside his head.  Lots of us have told him over the years he should write a book.  Daddy’s not a writer, he’s a yarn spinner.

I write.  I write things even when nobody makes me – I always have – and Mama and Daddy like the things I put on the Internet. One day not long ago when I was leaving their house, after Daddy had told me a ‘new’ story about fishing without a fishing pole, he said to me “You know Susie, you could write these things down.”  And so I can. And I will.

With the encouragement of cousin Marsha, my writing coach Barbara Lawing  and my classmates, I’ve taken on this project:  To collect and publish the stories Daddy tells.

Truth or Fiction?  

There is no ‘true’ version of any of these stories – each one gets bigger or smaller with every telling, and even the story teller, whether it’s Daddy or was Andy, or Ruth or whomever – forgot things as time passed.  What I want to do is collect SOME version of these stories for the children who never knew our parents or grandparents – so that they aren’t told “You know your great grandpa used to tell a lot of stories”.

I once saw a quote that all authors are accused of writing about real people when they write fiction, and are accused of writing fiction where there should be exact facts.  This project is fiction – but it OUR fiction – its OUR memories  – it will contain names familiar to my family members.

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